Want to make money online but don’t know where to start? Do not worried! In this article, the following ways to monetize the website proved to be extremely effective this year. Let’s find out with us and create a “money printing” machine.

Determine your wishes

Before learning how to monetize a website, you need to consider a few factors.

There is no way to make money fast in the world. Making money from the website too, it takes time and effort. At first you may not get the money you expected, but don’t be disappointed.

To get the desired results, 1 important factor every webmaster should aim for, is traffic (traffic). Without traffic, you cannot win and profit from the website. Please review our article on how to increase traffic to the website to get started.

Waiting for snowball effect . As you roll the ball, it gets bigger and bigger.

Now that you understand the key factor, let’s learn how to monetize the website.

How to make money from the website

When the website gets enough traffic, it’s time to make money!

1. Pay-per-click advertising with Google AdSense

PPC – Pay Per Click, is an online advertising model in which website owners can increase passive income when readers click on banner ads. The most popular tool for making money with PPC is Google AdSense .

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make extra money because it is easy to advertise on a blog or on a website. Another great thing is that you can sign up as an AdSense partner if you have multiple websites.

Due to the great support from Google , users do not have to worry about having to set everything up. Customer forums and tutorials are available to help get them started.

So how much will you get?

The best part is that Google will always pay on time , usually from the 21st to the 26th of the month .

How to monetize your website with Google AdSense:

  • Read Terms and Conditions . Make sure your website meets all the criteria.
  • Proceed to apply for AdSense and wait for approval.
  • Once the account is approved, just embed the JavaScript code in the widget.
  • Place ads wherever you like on the website.

For full instructions, see our article on how to add AdSense in WordPress .

2. Sell advertising space

Selling unused space directly on your website to advertisers is well worth a try. This method is more time consuming, but can maximize the income you receive from displaying these ads.

This space will contain links at the bottom of the page, banners on the side or small pop-ups. Pricing for each ad can vary, and you have control when negotiating .

However, to use this approach, you need a high conversion rate, not just traffic. That is because this method uses a pay-per-click or pay-per-visitor model. You will be paid by the advertiser depending on the number of people who click on the ad or visit the website.

So how do advertisers know you’re selling ad space?

  • Create a media tool, a summary that outlines your website’s key stats and events.
  • Send it to potential advertisers. Let them know why they should work with you.
  • Once you’ve successfully negotiated with advertisers, manage them with Google Ad Manager .
  • Keep them satisfied.

You can use online tools like Clicky Web Analytics , Quantcast , and Google Analytics to get information about your website. If you have a WordPress site, you can add Google Analytics more comfortably with our guide .

However, finding the right advertisers can be difficult. But with the help of Google Ads , LinkedIn , and SellerCrowd , you’ll quickly find the right unit.

3. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate hostinger program

If you have a talent for reviewing, reviewing, advertising products, you can try affiliate marketing to make money from the website.

Through affiliate links, you can earn commissions when readers buy products or services of the companies that you affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods to earn passive income. You don’t have to have your own product to sell. Sites like Wirecutter and Smart Passive Income can gain success through affiliate marketing.

How to make money from your website with affiliate marketing:

  • Create a website that focuses on promoting and promoting your product or posting or review services related to your content.
  • Join affiliate programs: Hostinger and Amazon or search for affiliate networks: ShareASale and CJ Affiliate .
  • Include affiliate links in your content naturally.

4. Make money based on donations

This approach is related to the skills you have and the creative content you post. Some readers are willing to send money to their favorite influencers.

If your content has value and you need support to develop your website, you can politely request a donation. Not all readers will donate, but if you have enough traffic, you can afford to run the website.

You can set up a donation button on the website that allows readers to contribute directly. Link them to payment tools like PayPal , Stripe , or Fundly .

Add buttons as widget and place it wherever you want. But, make sure it’s easy for your readers to find.

5. Sell your own products or services

You have the product, you have the skills, but there is no place to sell or promote. One solution is to sell online. Join thousands of others by selling products or skills, like Bellroy and Tattly .

Make money from the bellroy website

The process of building an online store isn’t just about creating a simple website . But owning an e-commerce store built in 1 day is not difficult anymore.

So how to make money from the website by e-commerce:

Although it takes time, nothing is impossible with effort and dedication. For in-depth instructions, visit our article on how to create an online store .

6. Create sponsored content

Sponsored Content is a partnership between you as the publisher and the brand you’re working with. Businesses pay you to create content for them and publish it on your website.

Content can take the form of product or sales announcements, offers, infographics or reviews. This content can be written by you or sponsored by the brand itself. You can charge a higher price if you write articles as well as publish them on your website.

In order to rate sponsored content, you should consider a few points:

  • Influence when you’re online.
  • Number of sponsored articles that you will write per month.
  • Time to create content.
  • Brand equity (sponsored content vs. your blog’s branding).

BuzzFeed , for example, may charge around $ 100,000 for a piece of sponsored content due to its high influence and brand value.

How to monetize the website through sponsored posts:

  • Starting with small ones; Kristy Ellington , a content marketer, and strategist recommends starting with smaller local brands and companies.
  • Build a portfolio.
  • Cooperation with the agency on marketing and PR.
  • Search around funding markets like Tomoson , Cooperatize , and PayPerPost .

Sponsored content is a great way to add income to your website. Just remember to be transparent with your readers and handle it intelligently.

7. Flip website (buy and sell website)

This method is slightly different from other methods as it involves selling website. It is profitable depending on the type of website you run.

To learn more about website pricing, you can browse the listings at Empire Flippers .

empire flippers

Factors affecting website selling price are:

  • Website traffic
  • The profits it generates
  • Stable sales
  • Continue to grow

8. Members page

The membership page is like an upgrade of the donation method. Here, you will charge readers to access specific content.

For example, International Living is an online travel magazine that has adopted it. Blue Apron is more than just a recipe blog. Readers need to subscribe / subscribe if they want to access this website content.

If you are confident that your content is worth paying for, you can try monetizing your website this way.

How to make money from the website as a member:

  1. Find the right model for the site.
    Subscription : users will pay monthly or annually to access the content and benefits of the website.
    Transactions : selling individual content such as instructional videos, audio downloads or training programs.
    Metrics : free content until the reader reaches a certain point of view. They have to pay a certain amount if they want to continue reading.
  2. Set up paywall. If you already have a WordPress site and are running it, then simply add the plugin for the membership site.

Recommended plugins that you can use to restrict content:

  • Membership & Content Restriction : restrict every piece of content, set up a unique subscription package and process membership payments.
  • Simple Membership : create membership levels and limit content to specific membership levels.
  • WP-Members : hides sections of your content and displays teasers. It also provides tools to set up a dedicated registration form wherever you want.

Review our article on how to create a membership registration page in WordPress for complete instructions.

9. Create coupon in Affiliate link

Who doesn’t like discounts? 97% of consumers look for deals when they shop. Another form of affiliate marketing is through coupon offers from affiliate partners.

Ebates is the leader when it comes to discount and coupons online. The website attracts customers and directs them to the manufacturers they have partnered with, earning commissions through this link.

Putting a coupon on your website is an opportunity to attract more traffic .

So what options are there?

  • Submit coupons from the affiliates / affiliate programs you join the current website.
  • Contact local and local retailers for offers you can promote on your website.
  • Create dedicated coupon websites , from general ( coupons.com ) to specific ( Holidayers )

10. Online course development / Online coaching

There is no need to teach in classrooms today because digital courses are the solution. If you have valuable knowledge to share, you can monetize the website by offering an online course.

Digital courses come in different formats. It’s as simple as downloading PDF, recording audio or creating a video. For example, Guitar Tricks has step-by-step videos as well as tutorial articles.

How to make money from website with courses?

  • Choose topic / field.
  • Create a new website or you can integrate your course into an existing website (blog, ecommerce website, membership site, etc.).
  • Upload content and promote!

Creating an online course can be a powerful way because it doesn’t limit the amount of money you can make.


Monetizing a website can be a fun experience, but making money from a website takes time, dedication, and most importantly, traffic.

We discussed 10 different ways to monetize a website. Let’s review:

  • Google AdSense – show ads and Google will do it all
  • Sell ​​ad space – connect directly with advertisers, manage your own ads, maximize income
  • Affiliate Marketing – Join the affiliate program and enter the affiliate market to earn commissions
  • Make money through donations – ask readers to donate
  • Sell ​​your own products – charges for purchases and services
  • Create sponsored content – partner with the business and receive money
  • Flip Website – selling websites.
  • Membership page – readers must pay to access content
  • Create coupons in Affiliate link – coupon and discount deals from member manufacturers
  • Register for online courses / Online coaching  share skills, knowledge and make money together


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  2. […] Making money online 2021 is currently a trend that many young people are interested in and learn about. The ultimate goal is to create a source of passive income for yourself. You have heard a lot about the students who all day plug into computers whose monthly income is up to tens or even hundreds of millions dong. This article ACCESSTRADE will help you get the most overview of making money online in Vietnam and 10 most effective ways to make money online in 2021. […]


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